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Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

The story of a regular guy just looking for a little wreck-ognition.Nov. 01, 2012United States108 PhútTV-PG
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Đạo diễn

Rich Moore
Đạo diễn

Diễn Viên

John C. Reilly isWreck-It Ralph (voice)
Wreck-It Ralph (voice)
Sarah Silverman isVanellope von Schweetz (voice)
Vanellope von Schweetz (voice)
Jack McBrayer isFix-It Felix (voice)
Fix-It Felix (voice)
Jane Lynch isSergeant Calhoun (voice)
Sergeant Calhoun (voice)
Alan Tudyk isKing Candy (voice)
King Candy (voice)
Mindy Kaling isTaffyta Muttonfudge (voice)
Taffyta Muttonfudge (voice)
Joe Lo Truglio isMarkowski (voice)
Markowski (voice)
Ed O'Neill isMr. Litwak (voice)
Mr. Litwak (voice)
Dennis Haysbert isGeneral Hologram (voice)
General Hologram (voice)
Adam Carolla isWynnchel (voice)
Wynnchel (voice)

Tóm Tắt Nội Dung

Wreck-It Ralph is the 9-foot-tall, 643-pound villain of an arcade video game named Fix-It Felix Jr., in which the game’s titular hero fixes buildings that Ralph destroys. Wanting to prove he can be a good guy and not just a villain, Ralph escapes his game and lands in Hero’s Duty, a first-person shooter where he helps the game’s hero battle against alien invaders. He later enters Sugar Rush, a kart racing game set on tracks made of candies, cookies and other sweets. There, Ralph meets Vanellope von Schweetz who has learned that her game is faced with a dire threat that could affect the entire arcade, and one that Ralph may have inadvertently started.

Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
Tựa Đề GốcWreck-It Ralph
Đánh giá IMDB7.7 327,878 đánh giá
Đánh Giá TMDB7.1 5155 đánh giá
Đã được chia sẻ 2

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