Perched on a Tree

Perched on a Tree

Apr. 12, 1971 France | Italy 90 Phút
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Đạo Diễn

Serge Korber
Đạo Diễn

Diễn Viên

Louis de Funès isHenri Roubier
Henri Roubier
Olivier De Funès isL'auto-stoppeur
Alice Sapritch isLucienne Roubier
Lucienne Roubier
Paul Préboist isLe radio-reporter
Le radio-reporter
Roland Armontel isLe Père Jean-Marie
Le Père Jean-Marie
Jean Panisse isLe brigadier
Le brigadier
Hans Meyer isColonel Muller
Colonel Muller
Daniel Bellus isUn alpiniste
Un alpiniste

Tóm Tắt Nội dung

Henry Roubier, a French promoter, and Enrico Mazzini, an Italian, have signed an agreement guaranteeing them a stranglehold on European highways. While driving on the roads of the south, Roubier takes two young hitchhikers, but an unfortunate swerve the car rushes by Henri and its occupants on the top of a pine tree onto the side of a cliff.

Perched on a Tree
Perched on a Tree
Perched on a Tree
Tựa đề gốc Sur Un Arbre Perché
Bình chọn của IMDB 6.4 2,171 bình chọn
Bình chọn của TMDB 5 29 bình chọn

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