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How one man betrayed the security of a nation.Feb. 12, 2007United States110 PhútPG-13
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Đạo diễn

Billy Ray
Đạo diễn

Diễn Viên

Chris Cooper isRobert Hanssen
Robert Hanssen
Ryan Phillippe isEric O´Neill
Eric O´Neill
Laura Linney isKate Burroughs
Kate Burroughs
Dennis Haysbert isDan Plesac
Dan Plesac
Caroline Dhavernas isJuliana O´Neill
Juliana O´Neill
Kathleen Quinlan isBonnie Hanssen
Bonnie Hanssen
Gary Cole isRich Garces
Rich Garces
Bruce Davison isJohn O'Neill
John O'Neill
Reagan Pasternak isBeautiful Reporter
Beautiful Reporter

Tóm Tắt Nội Dung

Eric O’Neill, a computer specialist who wants to be made an agent is assigned to clerk for Robert Hanssen, a senior agent with 25 years in the FBI, and to write down everything Hanssen does. O’Neill’s told it’s an investigation of Hanssen’s sexual habits, however Hanssen is really suspected of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia for years and being responsible for the deaths of agents working for the United States.

Tựa Đề GốcBreach
Đánh giá IMDB7 54,361 đánh giá
Đánh Giá TMDB6.5 216 đánh giá
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